Review of Native Title Representative Bodies/Service Providers

Nous is reviewing the performance of six NTRB-SPs

Background to the project

The Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet (PM&C) has engaged Nous Group (Nous) to conduct a review of six Native Title Representative Bodies-Service Providers (NTRB-SPs). Nous is an independent and non-government company that works with many organisations to improve their services.

Purpose of the project

For this project Nous will review six NTRB-SPs:

  • Cape York Land Council, Queensland

  • Carpentaria Land Council, Queensland

  • Kimberley Land Council, Western Australia

  • North Queensland Land Council, Queensland

  • South Australian Native Title Services, South Australia

  • Yamatji Marlpa Aboriginal Corporation, Western Australia

The review seeks to answer the following question:

How effectively and efficiently do the six selected NTRB-SPs perform their legislated functions and provide sound corporate governance, both individually and comparatively?

What is this Review not doing?

  • We are not revisiting or reviewing any claims or native title determinations.

  • We are not reviewing individual complaints. We won’t provide an answer on whether an NTRB-SP has done something wrong or right to one person or group.

The project is only looking at the performance of NTRB-SPs. It is not assessing ways to improve the broader Native Title system, the performance of PBCs, or the performance of individual staff members at NTRB-SPs.

The review will run from September 2018 to March 2019. Input to the survey has now closed.



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