About the review

Who is Nous Group?

Nous Group (Nous) is an independent and non-government company that works with many organisations to improve their services.

You can find out more about Nous Group by visiting our website - www.nousgroup.com

What is this Review?

The Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet (PM&C) has engaged Nous Group (Nous) to conduct a review of six Native Title Representative Bodies-Service Providers (NTRB-SPs). Nous is an independent and non-government company that works with many organisations to improve their services.

For this project Nous will review six NTRB-SPs:

  • Cape York Land Council, Queensland

  • Carpentaria Land Council, Queensland

  • Kimberley Land Council, Western Australia

  • North Queensland Land Council, Queensland

  • South Australian Native Title Services, South Australia

  • Yamatji Marlpa Aboriginal Corporation, Western Australia

The review seeks to answer the following question:

How effectively and efficiently do the six selected NTRB-SPs perform their legislated functions and provide sound corporate governance, both individually and comparatively?

We will look at how well these NTRB-SPs do what they are supposed to do under the law. We will also look at how efficiently and effectively they are being run, and how well their governance and operating model is working. We will say where and how they could do things better in the future. We will also look at how they work with Traditional Owners and PBCs – whether they are easy to understand, helpful and respectful.

The Review goes from September 2018 until March 2019. Nous has developed a methodology for assessing how the NTRB-SPs perform their legislated functions under the Native Title Act 1993. Nous will use this methodology to develop a report for each of the six NTRB-SPs and an overall report that covers the NTRB-SPs comparatively.

Who will we speak to?

We will ask lots of different groups about NTRB-SP performance. This includes:

  • Traditional Owners, persons that hold or may hold native title

  • Prescribed Bodies Corporates (PBCs)

  • Staff and Board members at each NTRB-SP

  • Government

  • Other key stakeholders

What is this Review not doing?

  • We are not revisiting or reviewing any claims or native title determinations.

  • We are not reviewing individual complaints. We won’t provide an answer on whether an NTRB-SP has done something wrong or right to one person or group.

The project is only looking at the performance of NTRB-SPs. It is not assessing ways to improve the broader Native Title system, the performance of PBCs, or the performance of individual staff members at NTRB-SPs.