Review of Native Title Representative Bodies/Service Providers

Nous is reviewing the performance of six NTRB-SPs

Background to the project

The Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet (PM&C) has engaged Nous Group (Nous) to conduct a review of six Native Title Representative Bodies-Service Providers (NTRB-SPs). Nous is an independent and non-government company that works with many organisations to improve their services.

Purpose of the project

For this project Nous will review six NTRB-SPs:

  • Cape York Land Council, Queensland

  • Carpentaria Land Council, Queensland

  • Kimberley Land Council, Western Australia

  • North Queensland Land Council, Queensland

  • South Australian Native Title Services, South Australia

  • Yamatji Marlpa Aboriginal Corporation, Western Australia

The review seeks to answer the following question:

How effectively and efficiently do the six selected NTRB-SPs perform their legislated functions and provide sound corporate governance, both individually and comparatively?

If you have feedback to provide on any of the organisations listed above, you can contribute to the review by completing an online survey. Click on the button to the right.

The review will run from September 2018 to March 2019. Input to the survey will be open until 15 January 2019.

What is this Review not doing?

  • We are not revisiting or reviewing any claims or native title determinations.

  • We are not reviewing individual complaints. We won’t provide an answer on whether an NTRB-SP has done something wrong or right to one person or group.

The project is only looking at the performance of NTRB-SPs. It is not assessing ways to improve the broader Native Title system, the performance of PBCs, or the performance of individual staff members at NTRB-SPs.



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Please email us if you would like a paper based copy of the survey.